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America's most useful and respected dictionary.

In addition to all the definitions from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the app offers voice search, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, Word of the Day, and more.

If you prefer enhanced content and no ads, get the premium version: | .

  • merriam-webster's quizzitive game app screenshot

    天恒登录地址An entertaining quiz, an addictive game, and a new way to test and improve your vocabulary.

    天恒登录地址 "Incredibly fun and addictive. And informative!" — User Review, iTunes


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    An enhanced version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, designed especially for Windows Phones.

  • merriam-webster's scrabble dictionary app screenshot

    The only SCRABBLE® dictionary app approved by Hasbro, this version is based on the complete content from The Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary, Fifth Edition – enhanced with up to 15-letter words and an updated "Word Finder" tool to help you find words that can be formed from available letters.

    Plus, North American SCRABBLE® Players Association members can search the full Tournament Word List!


  • merriam-webster's learner's dictionary app screenshot

    天恒登录地址The best dictionary available for English language learners.

    This app includes Voice Search, audio pronunciations, Word of the Day, synonyms & antonyms, illustrations, Favorites & more.

  • nglish by britannica app screenshot

    A Spanish-English translator & English language learning app designed for Spanish speakers.

    This app includes a Spanish-English dictionary, full text translation, vocabulary quizzes, flashcards, personalized word lists, & more.

  • britannica english app screenshot

    天恒登录地址An Arabic-English Translator & English language learning app designed for Arabic speakers.

    天恒登录地址This app includes an Arabic-English dictionary, full text translation, vocabulary games, flashcards, personalized word lists, & more.

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